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Renal Medicine

What is Renal Medicine?

Renal medicine, or nephrology, involves the care of patients with kidney disease.

A major part of the work of nephrology specialists is the management of patients with acute kidney injury or advanced chronic kidney disease.  Kidney disease can develop from existing health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It can also cause high blood pressure and heart disease to develop.

Therapy to treat kidney disease may involve renal replacement, by dialysis or kidney transplant.

Haemodialysis and hemofiltration is an intense treatment for individuals who have acute kidney disease and transplant related problems. For those who are experiencing severe loss of kidney function, the procedure filters and purifies the blood using a machine when the kidneys are unable to do their job.

Nephrologists are experts in renal health, and they work to identify issues with your kidneys to help you maintain good health. Your kidneys are important because they filter your blood to remove waste and toxins, and they monitor and balance the water, acid-base, and mineral ratios in the body.

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