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Privacy & Consent

You have a right to have your personal privacy respected. This includes respect for the privacy of your body, belongings, personal space and information.  

You have a right to have information about you and your health kept secure and confidential.

You should expect that this information will be collected, recorded, used and discussed in a private environment and will be stored in accordance with the relevant laws about privacy.

Your healthcare provider, and others involved in your treatment and care, must keep your personal information confidential.

Sometimes your healthcare provider will need to share information about you with others involved in your care. They will only share information with someone not involved in your care with your permission, or if required to by law, such as in a medical emergency.

For more information about your health care rights, ask your doctor or healthcare service or visit


Important information for patients

Comprehensive care is health care that is based on identified goals for the episode of care. These goals are aligned with the patient’s expressed preferences and healthcare needs, consider the impact of the patient’s health issues on their life and wellbeing, and are clinically appropriate.

Comprehensive care means that the patient receives care that is planned and coordinated around their physical, mental, and cognitive health needs. Patients should also continue to receive comprehensive and compassionate care at the end of their life.


Goals of care are clinical and personal goals for your episode of care and are determined in the context of a shared decision making process. They include the specific treatments, the intensity and types of interventions and care, articulating what you hope to achieve through your health care.

The purpose of identifying and agreeing to goals of care is to develop a shared understanding between you, family, carers, other support people and the clinicians in the multidisciplinary team about your clinical expectations, personal needs and preferences and the likely steps required to attain the agreed goals.

Identifying goals of care helps to organise and prioritise care activities and contributes to improved satisfaction, quality of life and self-efficacy. At a minimum, your health care provider should ask what is important to you in relation to your health care and use this information to identify goals of care with you.


Initial consultation
Consultations are triaged as directed by our specialist team.  Your General Practitioner or Specialist can send us your referral direct via the Health Professional link on this website.

Follow up consults
Your attending specialist will arrange any follow up appointments with you as necessary to manage your continuity of care.

General Practitioner referrals are valid for 12 months and specialist referrals for 3 months.

*A valid referral is required to claim a rebate from Medicare. 

Our specialist fees are determined individually.  You will be advised of the consult fee payable prior to the date of your appointment.

Highlands Specialist Hub is a private practice, and we require full payment on the day of your consultation.  Payments may be made by cash, EFTPOS, and credit cards (Mastercard & Visa only).  If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us prior to your attendance.

We offer online Medicare claims which allows Medicare to pay the rebate for your consultation directly into your registered account within 24-48 hours.  Information about claiming and how to register your bank account details with Medicare is available at:

Private health insurance cannot be claimed for services provided at Highlands Specialist Hub as we are an outpatient clinic only.  If you are admitted to hospital under the care of your attending specialist, your visits will be covered by your private health insurance or Medicare. 

We are located at 113 Bowral Street, Bowral NSW 2576.  Parking and access to the building is available via the driveway entrance. 


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Our friendly team welcome your enquiries. Please call 02 4811 1500 or submit an online enquiry form. 

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